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Parker Stratoflex

Call Integrated Aircraft Systems for High-Quality Aerospace Hose Assemblies.

  • Metallic and Non-Metallic Hose Assemblies.
  • Rigid Tube Assemblies (Factory Built)
  • Self-Sealing Quick Disconnects
  • Specialty Fuel Manifolds (Factory Built)
  • High-Pressure Swivel Joints
  • Tube Fittings
  • Break-Away Valves
  • Waterman Fuses and Flow Regulators


Aerospace Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hose

Aerospace Hydraulic and Pneumatic Hose Stratoflex manufactures a wide range of rubber and Teflon® hose assembly products to meet system needs of low, medium and high pressure hydraulic and pneumatic requirements. Convoluted hoses with Teflon®i nner tubes are also available for times when a small bend radius is required. Hoses feature crimp-type (permanent fittings) or field attachable fittings for easy field assembly. Conformance to FAAT SO C75 and AS1055, as well as applicable current military standards is established. MATERIALS: Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Aluminum.

Fuel and Lube Oil Lines

Fuel and Lube Oil Lines Stratoflex manufactures hose and fittings for prop, turbine and pure jet engine and airframe systems. These include hoses of Teflon® and Rubber with fittings and tube connections designed to meet specific customer requirements. Stratoflex also provides integral and tubular (AS1072) firesleeved assemblies conforming to flame resistant demands of FAA TSO C-53A and AS1055, as well as abrasion-resistant (ARP 1536) sleevings conforming to AS1291, AS1293, etc. SIZES:- 3 through- 32. MATERIALS: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium and more.

Field Attachable Fittings and Hose

Field Attachable Fittings and Hose Parker-Stratoflex offers a wide variety of field attachable hose fittings including those that install over-the-cover, yet are uniquely designed so fittings grip the wire reinforcement for maximum performance, with a minimum chance of corrosion. References and qualifications include MIL-H-13444, MIL-H-13531, MIL-H-2424135 and etc. SIZES: From 3/16" I.D. to 2-3/8" I.D. MATERIALS: Brass and Steel.

Assembly Equipment

Assembly Equipment Hose assemblies are produced accurately and quickly with the complete Stratoflex line of assembly equipment. Included is a wide range of precision crimp machines, from the portable T08-183 hydraulic crimpler (shown here) to the larger in-plant, high production volume crimp machines. Other Stratoflex assembly equipment includes hose cu-off saws and buffers, socket assembly machines, hose expander and nipple assembly machines, hydrostatic test machines and clean-out booths.

Beam Seal Fitting

Beam Seal Parker lightweight Dynatube fittings are designed for the high temperature, high pressure, no-leak requirements of aircraft and aerospace fluid and pneumatic systems. The Dynatube fitting is a metal-to-metal fitting providing significant savings in weight and envelope over all other types of aerospace fittings.